Program and Membership Goals for 2020-21 Reduced

The Supreme Council has adjusted the membership and Star Council goals for this fraternal year, reducing both again. 

The goals and awards criteria have been made more achievable during this year of pandemic. Key changes include:

  • Columbian Award (Programs): Conduct at least 10 program activities (reduced from 16) including: 
    • At least 2 activities in each category of Faith, Family, Community, and Life
    • At least 2 additional activities in any of the categories
    • As previously announced, there are no required programs for this award, and featured programs count as double if all specific program requirements are met (see form 10746 for requirements.) 
    • Programs may be done virtually or in-person or in a hybrid mode. 
  • McGivney Award (Membership): 
    • Achieve revised goal at 80% of prior goal
  • Founders Award (Insurance):
    • Host two virtual or in-person fraternal benefits seminars with the field agent or general agent. The General Agents are sponsoring one on March 23rd. Contact your Field Agent or District Deputy for more information.
      NOTE: Seminars hosted between March 1 and June 30 will get double credit.
  • Star Council Award: No change to all other Star Council requirements including reports (forms 185, 365, 1728, 1295a/b, and SP-7), and Safe Environment requirements.
  • Payment of Supreme assessments and per capita is not required this year (previously announced).
  • Changes apply to this fraternal year only (2020-2021).

There is a Frequently Asked Questions file available for download which explains this further. Similar changes were made to goals and awards for districts, assemblies, and at the state level.