Chapter Officers

Officers for the 2021-22 Fraternal Year

Columbus Diocese Chapter, Knights of Columbus

State and Diocesan Officers
State Warden Chris Sarka
Master of Fourth Degree Duane Lord
Diocesan Membership Director Tom Prem
Diocesan District Deputy Coordinator Dave Bogner
Diocesan District Deputy Trainer Rod Anderson
Diocesan Save Our Seminarians Director / KCIC Billboards Dir. Rod Anderson
Diocesan VA Chairman Ed Brand


Chapter Officers
Chaplain (open)
Chapter Spiritual Advisor Dcn. Anthony Bonacci
President Steve Doyle
Vice-President Tom Prem
Secretary Eric Yang
Treasurer Jim Cogan
Warden Ken Walker
Trustee (1-yr) Chris Sarka
Trustee (1-yr) Richard D'Auteuil
Trustee (2-yr) Joe Dickman
Trustee (2-yr) Dominic Nocera
Communications and Webmaster  
Save Our Seminarians and Keep Christ in Christmas Billboards Rod Anderson